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friends only bb

Aug. 24th, 2011 | 03:38 pm

This journal is viewable only by people added on my friends list. Comment to be added, just let me know how you found me.

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(Winter) Comiket 79

Jan. 28th, 2011 | 01:56 am

So Comiket is completely different from American cons, I can't speak for any other cons in Japan but I assume they'd be pretty close but with different focuses. Comiket is the Comic Market so it's all about doujin and novels. The con is three days (10a-4p), each with a different genre of doujin being sold. Day 1 is a lot of shojo stuff so doujin series being sold that day were Hetalia, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Hakuoki, Togainu no Chi, Sengoku Basara, Final Fantasy, also all Gundam series, fighting games, ect. Day 2 was more shonen series including Reborn!, One Piece, Naruto, Gintama, Prince of Tennis, Yu-Gi-Oh, D.Gray Man, ect. And Day 3 was mostly tentacle stuff, we didn't go that day. The Halls were arranged by series and each series was arranged by pairing. So it was rather nice you could just find everything at once.

The breakdown is under the cut, it's actually pretty interesting to see all the stuff they had like things for western music and idols (though unsurprising I guess). They actually had like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, EVEN CSI??

hall/series/day breakdownCollapse )

size + merchandise explination + stuff about doujinCollapse )

cosplaying + the peopleCollapse )

doujin I boughtCollapse )

My pictures are here.

Idk what else people would like to know, just ask if you have a question about something.

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comiket doujinshi circles

Dec. 13th, 2010 | 11:05 pm

Finding these all was a retarded amount of work. But you can check out the sites, the artwork is all fantastic. I'm afraid they're all Hetalia but this is because I don't have a ton of yaoi pairings I like outside of this show. :/ Though no lie I'd go for some 169. I'd really love to get some Basara doujinshi but.. I don't really want any pairings.

confirmedCollapse )

watchingCollapse )

Things to do before I leave: finish re-watching Durarara and Studio Ghilbi marathon.

I'm sooooo excited to see Meagan! >w< And the fact that I'm actually going to Japan hadn't really set in until about, today.

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(no subject)

Nov. 1st, 2010 | 11:57 am

Are you ready guiissss, time for Christmas cards. I take forever to do things so starting early as usual.

This year you have the option of
  • me either drawing your card (I decide what)

  • or you can request me to be doing something in a cosplay of your choice (no porn or nudity, sorry yo)

  • If you want one, leave me your address in a comment (even if I already have it). The post is set to private so I'm the only one who will see your information.

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    almost to sore to type this

    Sep. 6th, 2010 | 01:32 pm

    So yesterday a big group of my Hetaliafag friends got together in soccer cosplay and beat each other up. Or we might as well have because just about everyone was completely destroyed by the end of the day. Sealand was playing on the playground and got scraped up pretty bad after flying into a low wall. But the rest of us just had minor things like getting hit in the face with soccer balls. Or in my case, self inflicted knee scrapes from sliding on the grass while showboating after scoring a goal. We started at noon and didn't leave the field until 7pm so we were out there a good long time! The weather was perfect and it was great to enjoy the last nice days outside with everyone!

    Hetalia Cup Soccer: +15 picturesCollapse )

    I'll put up more pictures later after I get Bin's.

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    Sep. 3rd, 2010 | 10:47 am
    mood: geekygeeky

    So the last couple days I've been worried about going to Comiket. Of course I want to go but I was also dreading it because everything I'd been reading was telling you how you needed to make a route of the artist booths to go to. You'd make this list based off the artists' websites, which are in Japanese so you'd search the page for the characters that spell Comiket. Then once you know they're going you wait for the phone book sized listings and maps that come out (also in Japanese) and plot a course to their booths to create a gameplan. Failure to do so will result in everything you want being sold out, wasting all your time at the con, becoming lost in a sea of booths not relevant to your interests, and expulsion from the country. Holy shit right?

    Well I didn't think I really had any specific favorite doujin circles, and the one I did have a website for (Love Potion no9) turned out to be impossible for me to navigate with no listed events. Then last night through some digging I found a US/UK circle's site with an events page listing a Comiket 79 banner! VICTORY! It turns out most pages are much easier to navigate than the other site as most list a off/offline/events link.

    how to get on your game face for comiketCollapse )

    Now that I have a easy system down it's been a ton of fun looking for artists that will be there! I'm practically on the edge of my seat to see if 8go!, Receipt/Stamp, or manna will attend. It's pretty much a never ending web of links though, since you have to go from one page to another to find a circle you want to follow. I figured all this out at like midnight and was up till 2am then continued the search when I woke up this morning. Someone should seriously make a list of sites for characters and pairings. Or if someone has done that someone should link me to it.

    I'll probably eventually post the circles I plan on stalking and if anyone wants me to get one or two for them as well that's fine by me.

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    I wonder what the still life of the day was

    Jan. 28th, 2010 | 01:44 pm
    music: "You Picked Me" - A Fine Frenzy

    Next three weekends are going to be badass, and all in Fargo. This weekend is Bin's birthday, gonna go out on the town with some of my favorite bros. Next weekend going down again for Atreyu concert and a girls roller derby bout the next night. Then the week after that I drive Jen to the airport Thursday night and stay the rest of the long weekend at Meagan's dorm. We're gonna work on cosplay, fuck around, take Byakuran-Uni pictures, watch animu, get me free dining center food, and she's gonna finish up the Sephiroth cosplay she's been making for me. Have I mentioned I like 2010 yet?

    Working on Prussia's fine ass hat. I cut out the pieces for this back before Nebraskon so I was actually able to put this together in record time. Just need to put the gold band around the top and make the rose pin for the front. Hats are fun, you can just sit there and work on them, no excessive fitting to run back and forth for. I enjoy sitting.

    Am techinically suppose to be in my drawing class right now but decided to forgo that today as I spend most of it wishing a light fixure will fall on me thus ending my suffering. Two and a half hours of excruciating still life drawing, do not want. And not even normal still life objects like fruit in bowls, oh no, last class we drew pelvis bones from lord knows what, a taxidermied deer head+neck with a torn up muzzle, logs, antlers, ect. The hell?

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    Jan. 11th, 2010 | 10:43 am
    mood: predatorybummed out
    music: "Happy" - Leona Lewis

    Casey and I made our artist alley frame last week. When we were getting the pipes at the store she was like "..should we get a couple extra ones just to beat each other up with them?" But it took enough just to get three into the apartment without wrecking stuff cuz we're stupid and kept hitting them on the ceiling and glasses and ect. But after we cut them we clamped them to the kitchen counters and sat in front of it for awhile playing imaginary artist alley.

    Here's some of the craft stuff I've been doing. The tomatoes are about palm sized and made out of felt. I'm going to be making much bigger pillow versions out of fleece so they'll be nice and soft and buono. Other picture is first stage of my Sculpey cell phone character charms. They're still unbaked because I have yet to add the hair (and hands for some). I kinda just wanted to get a whole bunch of the bodies done first since it's rather mundane work. I'm also going to be printing out another round of magnets soon, this time doing the first twelve countries in the Hetalia set. I forsee them being pretty popular and will probably end up having about 400 to cut out and clear coat (and that's just for Hetalia).

    On the cosplay front, still being lazy as hell. But decided I'm going to trick out my Succession Wars Prussia cosplay cuz although I like how simple it is I want it to be more badass. So going to finish the hat then make a cape, ascot, and vest. Thinking it's gonna look pretty princely when I'm done so hopefully if Ebo does the dress version of Hungary we can wear them together for the AX Masquerade Ball.

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    (no subject)

    Aug. 5th, 2009 | 07:40 pm

    I've been living in my apartment for a year now and I can't help but realize how sad it is I've never done any actual cooking there. I only have like five different things that I eat (pizza is four of them). Pathetic. I like cooking too which is why this is especially sad. So I decided I'm actually going to start making real food. And I'm going to start with THAT DAMN CURRY BREAD FROM KUROSHITSUJI. Aaaah God it looks so good, I've wanted to make it ever since that chapter came out in December. I'll be very depressed if it isn't good when I make it on Friday.

    Starting to look at which cons I'm going to go to next year: Ohayocon in January, Anime Boston in April, Anime Detour in April, Anime Central in May, A-Kon in June, Anime Expo in July. I'm for sure going to Detour, the rest I'll have to really try to get people on board for so I can try to get there. It's a good thing they're all pretty spaced out, I'll be working a lot during the year so hopefully will have enough!

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    Aug. 2nd, 2009 | 10:22 am
    music: "She Wolf" - Shakira

    Awhile back Tony and I watched the first five episodes of the Persona anime. And had no idea what was going on. Despite the fact that I've read some of the manga and he's played all the games. Characters kept doing this thing called "shadow stripping" which actually just looked a lot like rape. So then when some girls are getting dragged into a room and someone started lifting up one of their shirts we were like, "wait is someone actually getting raped now or is this just more shadow stripping.." I still have no idea what "shadow stripping" is.

    I was lent Persona 3 though, so I could get a better idea of what was going on. Persona is this really original idea where you shoot yourself in the head to fight these things called Shadows. The anime had these twins that were Maka Albarn and Soul Evans look alikes. The game has this guy named Akihiko who is really just 5YL Ryohei who moved his nose tape over to the side to hide his scar. CAN'T FOOL ME BUDDY.

    Needless to say, I got the sudden urge to catch up in the Hitman Reborn manga. Also someone sent me this Byakuran page. He looks like he got caught in a wheat thresher, how could I resist such style?? Now that I'm caught up I have to say, can we be done with this arc yet? It's been going for eeeeooooons. I'm really uninterested in the new Millfore guardians though I do like the latest chapter and Irie's descriptions of his time travel. I don't even really get the tournament right now, like do we have to suffer through like eight more of these battles? How do we know how many there will be? I'm assuming that can't just be it since:
    1. It's a shonen manga
    2. Not everyone has been able to show off yet (especially Hibari)
    3. Wtf is this manga going to be about if they just hand over their rings and boxes?
    4. It's a shonen manga

    Currently, am recovering from a night out at the bars. I woke up at 8am and couldn't fall asleep again. Tummy is a little upset but otherwise fine. I got drinks bought for me all night which was awesome because I like to save my money for my much nerdier pursuits.

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